Exploring New Opportunities For Nation Building Ethical Accountant As Strategic Planner

Nation building requires men, resources, technical
knowhow and opportunities. No matter how
promising plans to build a nation looks, no matter how
empowered and knowledgeable her professionals are,
without the opportunities to implement, the march
towards nation building will be in abeyance. Nations
envied in the globe today among the comity of nations
were built by men and not ghosts. Nigeria is blessed
with human and natural resources; the challenge is the
efficient management of these resources.
Nation Building
A nation is a group or race of people with shared
history, tradition, culture, religion, and language. At
the core of the concept, is the issue of a common
Nation-Building can therefore be seen as constructing
or structuring a national identity using the powers of
the state. It seeks to enhance the capacity of state
institutions to unify and develop people within the
state to ensure long-term stability and viability.
Nation-building describes the greater integration of
state and society, as subjects become citizens, and
citizenship leads to loyalty, national identity and
integrity, and social homogeneity in the modern
Nation building is the process in which a society of
people with diverse origins, history, languages,
cultures and religion come together within the
boundaries of a sovereign state, establish a unified
constitution and legal dispensation